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General Data Protection Regulation


The Personal Data We Collect and Process:

They refer to the information you voluntarily disclose to us so that we can use the benefits and solutions of LDC.GR. They are detailed in the terms of use where the visitor of the LDC.GR page expressly accepts before making any use.


Your rights under the General Data Protection Regulation:

You have the right of access, i.e. the right to be informed, upon your request, on the one hand whether your personal data is being processed or not and on the other hand to receive a copy and further information about the processing taking place. In addition, you have the right to request the correction or completion of your inaccurate personal data.

If the conditions of the Law are met:

  • you can exercise:
  • the right to erasure,
  • the right to restrict processing,
  • your right to data portability,
  • the right to object to their processing,
  • as well as the right to ensure human intervention in automated procedures.

Considering that the Company’s compliance with your relevant request may result in the cancellation of your participation, i.e. access to LDC.GR , if it is prevented from functioning in this way.



The exercise of the rights is done free of charge, unless the relevant request is repeated frequently and due to volume it entails administrative costs for LDC TRADING.



For any request related to the processing of your data, please contact the Company’s personal data protection officer as soon as possible at e-mail:


Personal Data Protection Authority:

In case you consider that the protection of your personal data is affected in any way, you can appeal to the Personal Data Authority of a Personal Character, using the following contact details:



Postal Address: Kifisias Avenue 1-3, P.O. 115 23, Athens

Call Center: +30 210 6475600

Fax: +30 210 6475628


Terms and conditions


  • LDC.GR is a new website whose purpose is to act as the corporate identity of the LDC TRADING company, thus giving the opportunity to our existing partners as well as to those who wish for future cooperation to get to know us better.
  • Before browsing or using, please read carefully the terms of use and the privacy policy and declare that you accept and agree with them.
  • LDC.GR may revise the terms of use whenever necessary to comply with the applicable legislative framework. For this reason, it is recommended that visitors and users of the website check regularly, as its use implies acceptance of the revised terms.



In the case that the user wishes to enter hiscontact details, he accepts the following: a) the platform and its services are only available to persons at least 18 years old. No one under this age may access or use the Site or provide personal informationb) he has an obligation to fill in true, valid and complete information regarding the information requested by the online application, c) he must maintain and update his registration information so that it is kept true and accurate and d) he must distinguish responsibility, seriousness . and not to exceed in matters of moral order.

The user, by submitting the contact details, fully accepts these terms.



LDC.GR collects and processes the following personal data of the user: Name, Company Name, Address of a natural person, Company Headquarters, Postal Code, Telephone, E-mail, City, Postal Code, Country.

LDC.GR may also collect the IP address of the user/visitor’s computer, information about the processor used when browsing its website and about its location.



LDC.GR processes the personal data specified above for the following purposes:

o for direct communication with partners

o to answer any questions

o for the electronic sending of information material

o for the development of the online platform

o optimizing the online platform so that it is easy to manage by the user

o for statistical reasons

  • LDC.GR does not use the personal data for any purpose that deviates from those described here, unless required or permitted by law or the consent of the subject/user is provided.



  • GR does not transmit to third parties the personal data it processes and takes all appropriate measures to keep them safe.
  • Exceptionally, it may forward the user’s personal data to the competent authorities when there is an obligation by law, especially in cases of committing and prosecuting criminal offences.



  • The user has the right to access his personal data processed LDC.GR, the right to correct, complete and general update his personal data, the right to deletion, the right to restriction, the right to portability and the right to be informed in case of violation.
  • He also has the right to correct or change his account information by himself or with the help of the support department after contacting the email address:



  • The user expressly declares that he gives his consent to the processing of his personal data as defined.



  • GR will keep a record of users’ personal data for as long as is necessary to fulfill the intended purpose, in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulation GDPR (EU) 2016/679, unless the law allows or requires compliance for longer period of time.
  • In case of any question or concern regarding the processing of personal data as well as the exercise of the rights of access, correction, deletion, portability and update, the user can contact LDC.GR by sending an email to the email address:
  • The user has the right to submit a complaint to the Personal Data Protection Authority at any time.



The user agrees and accepts that LDC.GR  is not responsible for any direct or indirect, positive or consequential damage from the use of the data of its site, wherever it may arise. In no case can LDC.GR be held responsible for third-party content published on its website.



The user of the platform understands and accepts that all information published is the sole responsibility of the natural or legal person who has provided it. This means that the user is solely responsible for the content he publishes, through the services of LDC.GR.

LDC.GR  is not able to control all the content that users publish on its platform, so it is reasonable that it cannot guarantee the accuracy, legality or updating of the content on its pages.The user agrees and accepts that, by using the LDC.GR services, he may be exposed to offensive, immoral or illegal content. Under no circumstances can LDC.GR be held responsible for any error, in any content, or for any harm or damage that may result from the use of any published content.

In the event that LDC.GR realizes or is notified that there is content that causes moral harm or other harm to third parties, it reserves the right to proceed with the immediate deletion of this content and at the same time to suspend the operation of the user’s account.

The user agrees and agrees not to post content that is illegal, offensive, immoral, harmful and defamatory. It is also expressly prohibited to post any electronic code or files that may cause damage or limit the operation of any software.



The concept of LDC.GR, all its content, including website name, logo, brand, texts, photos, graphics, icons, videos, services provided and in general all the programs of the site, are the intellectual property of LDC.GR and are protected by Greek, European and international law. Therefore, it may not be sold, copied, modified, reproduced, republished in any way, in whole or in part.

The user agrees and accepts that he is not granted the right to reproduce, copy, resell and commercially exploit in any way all or part of the content LDC.GR. In case of violation of the above, LDC.GR has the right to claim in any legal way compensation and restoration of the damage it may suffer.

It is clarified that the copyright of LDC.GR third party copyrights .



The user’s connection with LDC.GR  is considered secure because it uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology with AES 128BIT GCM encryption. SSL technology relies on a key code to encrypt data before it is sent over the connection (SSL). The security control between the data and the server is based on the unique key code that secures the communication. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol is today the global Internet standard for authenticating web pages to web users and for encrypting data between web users and web servers.

Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome browsers support the SSL protocol and are recommended for connecting to the LDC.GR website.



LDC.GR  has the ability to use cookies as part of the facilitation and operation of services through its website. Cookies are small files (text files), which are sent and stored on the user’s computer, allowing websites to function smoothly and without technical anomalies, collect multiple user choices, recognize frequent users, facilitate access to them and collection data to improve website content.

Cookies do not cause damage to users’ computers or files stored on them. We use cookies to provide you with information, after using our website, if you wish, you can safely delete cookies and gender counter history.